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Ziehm Vision RFD
Ziehm Vision RFD
Ziehm Vision RFD
Ziehm Vision RFD

Ziehm Vision RFD offers superior quality that until now would have been expected only from fixed imaging systems. It has been engineered for highest levels of flexibility.It provides the latest flat panel technology for distortion free imaging and extended field of view.The powerful monoblock generator with a rotating anode and the unique liquid cooling system (Advanced Active Cooling) is specially designed for extended use in operating theaters, making Ziehm Vision RFD ideal for long procedures.


  • Flat-panel technology: 30 cm x 30 cm or 20 cm x 20 cm for distortion-free imaging
  • Short sharp pulses up to 25 frames per second to produce clear images even of moving objects
  • Advanced Active Cooling for extended fluoroscopy time in challenging procedures
  • ODDC (Object Detected Dose Control) for optimized image quality even when an object is in motion
  • A larger free space (83.5cm) and 165° orbital rotation for easy patient positioning
  • SmartEye displays the live X-ray image on the user interface
  • SmartControl enables the user to manipulate the X-ray image directly from the touch screen.
  • Optional SmartVascular software revolutionizes workflow in vascular procedures. 

Image Quality

  • Field of view  up to 900 cm² in 30 X 30cm FPD
  • Over 16,000 shades of gray
  • Up to 1.5k x 1.5k image matrix for high resolution
  • Patient data saved in DICOM 3.0 format can be transferred via WLAN to HIS/PACS (Optional)