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Trilite LS 800-700
LS 800-700
Trilite LS 800-700
LS 800-700

BenQ (Formerly known as Trident) has been a major supplier of medical consumables and equipment across Taiwan and around the world.  BenQ products were first introduced successfully in the Indian market by BET Medical Pvt Ltd in 1996 and have received complete customer satisfaction.
Trilite LS800
Trilite LS800 - 500
Trilite LS800 - 700 
 TriLite LS800 provides excellent clinical optical capabilities and advanced technology to meet the surgeons’ requirements. The light head has been aesthetically designed and offers homogeneous light with excellent light field penetration making it a user friendly light. Heat sink present in the light head reduces temperature in the operating area.
- Cutting Edge lens technology
- Light Intensity: 160,000Lx
-Efficient shadow management system
-Infrared remote control capability
Product Details:
Innovative Combination for Precision
Combining the latest LED technology and cutting edge lens design, the light field of Trilite LS800 presents high luminance, homogeneous light distribution and an outstanding color rendition. The blades design and multiple light sources provide superior shadow management. In addition, the LED arrangement and single baffle give ample luminance for deep cavity penetration.
A Pure White LED light Source 
Trilite LS800 emits light at a color temperature of 4,300K with a render index above 95.
Curved Blade for Laminar Flow

The curved blade of Trilite LS800 is streamlined and aerodynamic to minimize turbulence and to ensure laminar flow through the light head.

Endo light for MIS

Trilite LS800 provides an Endo light mode that fulfills the light requirements for endoscopic surgery as well as an intensity adjustment mode for standard surgery.

High Efficiency With Low Heat

By incorporating state of the art thermal materials, the new LED elements provide energy saving with high efficiency and generate low heat dispersion.

360° complete  spring arm movement

High Quality Imaging For Excellent Communication

The full HD imaging system addresses the needs of the surgical team for excellent imaging requirements.


Diameter of light head                - 760mm
Maximum intensity at 1m distance (Lux)     - 160,000 Lux
Diameter of the field at 1m (mm)        - 180-320
Maximum Depth of field (mm)            - 1,200
Color Temperature (Kelvin)            - 4,300
Color rendering Index (Ra)            -95
Power Consumption (W)            -<135
Total Irradiance (W/m²)                -421
AC Input/output                - 100-230V AC/24V DC
LED average Life (hrs)                -40,000
Intensity level Indication/Method        -12steps/electron