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Poseidon Q100
Poseidon Q100
Poseidon Q100
Poseidon Q100

Universal operating table, the Q100, is Designed for operations in a full range of surgeries and in connection with special accessories for Cardiology, neurosurgery, proctology, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, and ophthalmology. Trident has optimized the table’s design for facilitating superior patient positioning and provide more efficient and comfortable support to the patient during surgical procedures


  • Pressure management pad mattress to reduce the cause of decubitus 
  • Auto leveling function
  •  Electro-hydraulic brakes 
  •  Patient weight bearing capacity: max. Up to 360 kg.
  • Central Floor locking Mechanism
  • Four electrical power lock makes the table firmly fix in place during operation
  • 360o  rotatable four castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Backlit Hand control remote  for desired table positions
  • Standard Auxiliary control (secondary control panel) 
  • Optional Foot Control
  • Can be retrofitted with orthopedic extension device (Ted-07)

Technical Specifications

Model Poseidon Q100 Poseidon n Q100B Poseidon nQ100K Poseidon n Q100KB
Table top length (W / head rest) 2000 mm
Table top width (W /o Side Rails 500 mm
Table top Height (up/down, w/o pad 685 ~ 1,135 mm
Lateral Tilt (L/R) 20o / 20o
Head Rest (up / Down) 60o / 90o
Back Plate (up / Down) 80o / 40o
Leg plates (up / Down) & Horizontal Positioning 20o / 100o
Trendlenburg / Reverse Trendlenburg 30o / 30o
Table top Longitudinal Slide 350 mm
Flex / Reflex 220o / 100o
Kidney Bridge NA 120 mm
Max Weight Capacity 273 kg
Auto Levelling Yes


  • NA: Means not available
  • Specification is subject to change without prior notice
  • Standard package includes mattress, arm board with mattress and corded hand control

Poseidon – Q100 Series Models

Option Poseidon Q100 Poseidon Q100B Poseidon Q100K Poseidon Q100KB
K - Kidney Bridge    
B Built-in Battery