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Tri Max 650NS
Tri Max 650NS

Tri max 650 Ns series provides efficient workflows and ideal surgical environment for surgeons and patients

Tri Max 650 Ns series guarantees versatility
The height adjustment from 530 to 1,010 m provides better ergonomic working positions for physicians. The extremely low setting of Tri max 650 NS series operation table allows surgeons to operate comfortably during longer – time surgery. Example MIS surgery, neurosurgery and plastic surgery

Ergonomic for flexible deployment
Tri max 650 NS series has 360 mm longitudinal slide and adjustable low tabletop height from 530 mm. the excellent imaging coverage provides the surgeon with the optimal C-arm access and the imaging visualization

Professional for MIS, Endoscopy and Neurosurgery
24o of lateral tilt further enhances patient positioning during MIS and endoscopy surgery. Interchangeable capability between head and leg sections, reverse patient orientation and tabletop slide enhance the excellent access microscopy of C-arm easily 

  • Table top sliding : 360mm Longitudinal sliding facilitates whole body Imaging
  • Standard interchangeability table top for patient reverse orientation 
  • Pressure management pad mattress to reduce the cause of decubitus 
  • Integrated continuous X-Ray cassette tunnel (14” x 17”) for the entire length of the radiolucent table top
  • Flex / Reflex - pre-programmed function guarantees quick-easy positioning
  • Detachable split type gas spring leg plates
  • Auto leveling function
  • Electro-hydraulic brakes 
  • Patient weight bearing capacity: max. Up to 360 kg.
  • Central Floor locking Mechanism
  • Four electrical power lock makes the table firmly fix in place during operation
  • 360o rotatable four castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Backlit Hand control remote for desired table positions
  • Standard Auxiliary control (secondary control panel) 
  • Optional Foot Control
  • Can be retrofitted with orthopedic extension device (Ted-07)


Technical Specifications

Model Dr. Max – 5800
Table top length (W / head rest) 2000 mm
Table top width (W /o Side Rails 500 mm
Table top Height (up/down, w/o pad 530 ~ 1,010 mm
Trendlenburg / Reverse Trendlenburg 30o / 30o
Lateral Tilt (L/R) 24o / 24o
Flex / Reflex 220o | 100o
Head Rest (up / Down)  60o / 90o
Back Plate (up / Down) 80o / 30o
Leg plates (up / Down) & Horizontal Positioning 30o / 90o ,Horizontal 0o ~ 180o
Table top Longitudinal Slide 360 mm
Kidney Bridge 120 mm
Max Weight Capacity 273 kg
Auto Levelling Yes


Tri Max – 650 NS Series Models

Option Tri Max 650 NSK Tri Max 650 NSKB Tri Max 650 NSKBM Tri Max 650 NSB Tri Max 650 NSBM
K - Kidney Bridge    
B Built-in Battery  
M Manual Pump      


  • Option M only with option B
  • The tables shown are with optional accessories
  • Standard package includes mattress, arm board with mattress and corded hand control
  • Specification is subject to change without prior notice