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In India there is a saying that `if you take care of other Peoples' Children your child will grow-up by itself’. This thought can be dismissed as romantic, altruistic, philosophical & therefore impractical.

May be impractical?

But consciously and unconsciously you apply this thought, this sensitivity to your work, environment, Principals, customers, associates, colleagues and the many whom you come into touch. 

You engage yourself fully in sourcing the best technology for your customers, constantly trying to provide them with a better price and more reliable product. When there is a problem with their equipment, you are more affected than them and give them a quick and economical solution. 

This sensitivity gives birth to ideas of Policy, manifests itself into character, guiding us away from the wrong, teaching us responsibility and finally evolves and pervades as a culture of, the other always being more important than our own. 

All the while, in taking care of the other, our own child has somehow grown. And grown-up properly. After all the Indian saying was not untrue. It required a journey to find out.

Our Journey...