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Dr.Max 7000
Max 7000S
Dr.Max 7000
Max 7000S

The exceptional design, high quality and engineering excellence of Dr. Max 7000 series surgical tables satisfy not only customers’ expected performance, reliability, safety and value but also offer unlimited articulations. 

The tabletop sliding function (7000S/SK) and 180º rotation feature (7000N) optimizes C-Arm and surgical team access while minimizing set-up time and patient discomfort.


  • Table top sliding : 350mm Longitudinal sliding facilitates whole body Imaging
  • Flex / Reflex - pre-programmed function guarantees quick-easy positioning
  • Patient weight bearing capacity: max. up to 360 kg.
  • Detachable split type leg plates
  •  Auto leveling function
  •  Electro-hydraulic brakes 
  • Central Floor locking Mechanism
  • Four electrical power lock makes the table firmly fix in place during operation
  • Four heavy duty mobile castor wheels for easy mobility 
  • Hand control remote  for desired table positions
  • Optional Foot Control
  • Optional Auxiliary control
  • Can be retrofitted with orthopedic extension device (Ted-07)


Technical Specifications

Model Dr. Max 7000 S Series Dr. Max 7000 N Series
Table top length (W / head rest) 2,000 mm
Table top width (W /o Side Rails 500 mm
Table top Height (up/down, w/o pad 685 ~ 1,135 mm 520 ~ 1,010 mm
Trendlenburg / Reverse Trendlenburg 30o / 30o 26o / 26o
Lateral Tilt (L/R) 20o / 20o 21o / 21o
Flex / Reflex 220o | 100o
Head Rest (up / Down)  60o / 90o
Back Plate (up / Down) 60o / 40o
Leg plates (up / Down) & Horizontal Positioning 15o / 90o ,Horizontal 0o ~ 90o
Table top Longitudinal Slide 350mm NA
Table Rotation NA 180o
Max Weight Capacity 273 kg


  • Specifications and functions are subjects to change without prior notice
  • Some tables shown are with optional accessories, please see the accessory list or refer to our sales representative for detailed information
  • N/A: Not available 

Dr. Max 7000 Series Models

Functions Description Dr. Max 7000 S Series Dr. Max 7000 N Series
S Longitudinal slide is 350 mm  
N Table top height (up / down, w/o pad) is 520 ~ 1,010 mm  
K Built-in kidney bridge can offer max 121 mm elevation
B DC powered system to supply about 80 - 100 operations during a power outage
P "Manula override located on the base that enables full use of the tables in the even of power or built-in-battery failure. Functions including table up / down; Trend / Rev.Trend; slide to head / to foot; floorlock / unlock; till left / right; back up / down."  
D Dual pieces gas spring for adjusting leg section, can (up/down) from 30o ~ 90o & horizontal positioning separate from 0o ~ 90o
TED 07 Orthopedic extension device F07 (TED-07) can offer 1,050 ~ 1,630 mm adjustable range, & 225 mm traction stroke  


⚫ - Means optional functions
⚪ - can only choose one function individual

  • Laparoscopy Surgery
  • Chest / Abdominal Surgery
  • E.N.T Surgery
  • Gall bladder Surgery
  • Rectal Surgery
  • Lithotomic bladder Surgery
  • Urology  / OB / Gynecology Procedures
  • Ophthalmological and facial / plastic Surgery
  • Knee arthroscopy Surgery
  • Cardiovascular / Cardiothoracic surgery