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"We approached BET to service our O.T Table, which was not bought from them, BET took has a challenge and brought back to good working condition and they had also agreed to maintain the table.We appreciate them for their skill and commitment especially since they took responsibility for servicing our O.T. table which was not bought from them."
Vijaya Heart Foundation
We have purchased 2 TRIDENT O.T tables from BET MEDICAL during the year of 2001 and they are functioning satisfactorily as of data. We greatly appreciate the quality standards of TRIDENT O.T. tables. Also we are very happy with their after sales service
Malankara Orthodox Syrian
We have model YOT 2300 manufactured by TRIDENT supplied in the year of 1997 through BET MEDICAL, This table is performing well in our hospital over these years.We are happy with the quality and performance of the O.T tables and appreciate the service commitment of BET MEDICAL