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Ziehm imaging from Germany,

Specialized in the Innovation and Development of

Mobile C-Arms

Since 1972, Ziehm has produced technologies that enhance imaging and

streamline clinical workflows. Ziehm devices have exceptional image quality

and adaptability in the operating room fills in as a vital reason for treatment



Our mobile X-ray based imaging arrangements are utilized as a part of spine medical procedure, orthopedics, traumatology, vascular medical procedure, interventional radiology, cardiology, cardiovascular medical procedure and further clinical applications. 

Our attention on intraoperative imaging and innovative X-ray advancements are executed reliably by high interest in research. Over 15% of our turnover is put resources into the improvement of the new product. Today, 80% of our product portfolio is more youthful than 3 years. 

In a close joint effort with universities, research institutions and hospitals, we are creating and improving

innovative technologies which make our organization a pioneer in astute interventional imaging.